How can I get my Facebook analytics app id?

Follow below mentioned steps to get your Facebook Analytics App ID :

Step 1 : Go to Facebook Developer page and click on Log In

Step 2 : If you have a Facebook account, login, else Sign Up
Step 3 :
  If you sign up follow this step otherwise click on my apps and follow from step 5

Step 4 : Click on Create First App

Step 5 :Choose For Everything Else

Step 6 :Provide required details and click on Create App ID buttonStep 7 : Open Settings dropdown menu


Step 8 : Select Basic


Step 9 : Enter the Privacy Policy URL here.If you don’t have the Privacy Policy URL, copy and paste Sabeatktd privacy policy URL -

Step 10 : Turn on the Status Toggle button present on the top

Step 11 : Open the App Category dropdown menu


Step 12 : Select your App Category


Step 13 : Click on Confirm


Step 14 : Here is your Facebook App ID. Copy it

Step 15 : Go to  into your Sabeatktd account My Apps>>Analytics>>Facebook  Analytics ID and paste Facebook App ID.


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